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Engaging Women in Wealth - Rancho Santa Fe, CA

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Who We Serve

Affluent Women Who are Planning Their Financial Future

As a female financial advisor, Deb Sims has seen firsthand that women tend to be an underserved demographic when it comes to financial, investment, and wealth management services. This demographic has shifted and more and more women are becoming the primary or sole financial decision maker. Whether they’re widowed, divorced, single mothers, or business owners, they may be confronted with any number of financial decisions with which they are not yet familiar. We excel in lending advice and providing guidance in such circumstances and strive to serve as a trusted partner.

At Engaging Women in Wealth, led by Deb Sims, we understand that women may have different financial strategy needs than men. Often, women are looking for an advisor that considers all elements of their life, from their finances to their family and values. In the world of Wall Street, it can be difficult finding an advisor who a woman feels she can openly connect with and share her dreams.

For these reasons and more, we specialize in serving women. Sensitive to their situation and financial concerns, we offer ongoing guidance and education regarding financial and wealth management topics. Our clients range in age and career, whether they’re single women, executives, or retirees. While we do not have a strict requirement for clients, we largely work with clients who have $500,000 or more of investable assets.

Through our comprehensive wealth management services and holistic process, we strive to help women address these concerns and empower women to feel confident in their future. And with the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation, Deb is committed to serve as a trustworthy and objective partner to her clients. We believe that by feeling confident and empowered, women can pursue their dreams.