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Retirement Planning

Designing wealth portfolios that provide for tax efficient retirement savings and retirement income is a core competency of our firm. As an independent financial services firm we are able to offer a wide variety of retirement account options and asset options for our clients.

Planning a portfolio to generate sustainable retirement income is a complex process that we can help you understand so that your retirement years are as worry free as possible. ~ Deborah Sims

Planning for Retirement

For persons actively planning for their retirement, Engaging Women in Wealth is able to offer a variety of tax deferred retirement account options. Further, we can assist you with the selection and implementation of the assets within your retirement accounts.

Retirement Income Planning

During retirement, many aspects change in an individual's life. One of the most significant changes is designing a portfolio that is focused on retirement income and wealth preservation. Deb Sims has extensive experience in the design and implementation of retirement assets strategies with the potential to provide inflation adjusted income for life.

When designing a retirement income portfolio we focus on:

  • How much income is needed from the portfolio?
  • What is the client's risk tolerance?
  • What is the client's life expectancy?
  • How much of an estate does the client want to leave to his/her heirs?

These variables allow us to design a retirement income portfolio that is aimed at providing inflation-adjusted income for life, while focusing on each client's risk tolerance and estate planning goals.