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Summertime Money Resolutions

| July 21, 2017
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Passing the midway mark into 2017 has me looking at New Year’s Resolutions. The summer heat offers energy, sunshine and moments to take stock of where I am and wish to be. With more physical activity comes mental stimulation. Many people grow discouraged with their level of savings and lack of investment knowledge as the new year falls out of view. They see little progress on the lofty resolutions and budget promises made.

It starts by gaining awareness of what you are spending.   

Today’s iphone & Android offer a bevy of free and low cost apps that help anyone learn to budget, track and invest. I recently posted on this topic and am not endorsed by these products. Budgeting apps travel with you and just like tracking what you eat… Apps can watch what you earn and save, even analyzing how you spend.

Having a drive to succeed, visualizing your retirement, bank account, investments and savings is a power you can tap into. Financial advisors like me aren’t here to promote a product or sell you a get rich scheme. I listen, analyze, educate and help plan personal and family pathways to financial success, while advising on keeping risk managed.

Get specific on your monetary investments into IRAs,

Bonds, 401Ks, Life Insurance.

Make your resolution attainable and measurable like 15% down on a home, or 2% a year into an IRA. How much can you live on and live without? Leaning into learning about money is a lifelong process. Don’t let another year of resolutions go by unfulfilled! I blog on money, investments, retirement and more here! Set up a complimentary consultation in San Diego, CA or over the phone.

Estate Management Group is a San Diego based wealth management firm headed by Deborah Sims, a thirty-year veteran of the financial services industry. As an independent wealth management firm, we provide clients with a wide array of investment options as well as customized wealth management guidance that is based on their unique retirement and wealth goals.

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