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Do You Know Who Is Managing Your Money?

| June 02, 2016
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If you were to remodel your home, you wouldn’t trust just anyone. You would interview several interior designers first to see who you were most compatible with that would understand your vision for your home and work within your parameters. You would take your time finding just the right person because your home is important to you.

Shouldn’t you do the same with your money? Is your wealth as important to you as the color of your carpet? Though most women would answer with a definitive yes, they wouldn’t even be able to tell you who is managing their money. Do you know who is managing your money? In fact, do you know if they are even human?

Increasing Use Of Robo-Advisors

In our modern age of technology, algorithms can be applied to client information to automate portfolio allocation and investment information. This technology is often referred to as “robo-advisors.” Robo-advisors have been experiencing exponential growth and $25 billion in assets are now being managed by the top 11 firms alone1. Many wealth management firms are adopting robo-advisor technology in an attempt to save time and money.

Importance Of Knowing Money Managers

Even if you know you have a human working for you, or maybe especially if you know you are working with a human, I believe it is important to actually know the person. Your money is important, after all, your livelihood and legacy depend on it. You should know who it is managing it and what they are doing with it and why.

Every investor is unique with her own risk tolerance and values. It is important that you know your money manager well enough to ensure that your money is not in riskier investments than you’d like. Also, it is important that your money manager’s investment philosophy is aligned with your value system. You do not want to be funding something that you are morally opposed to.

Engaging Women In Wealth Money Managers

At Engaging Women In Wealth, we like to be intimately acquainted with the people we work with. We’re not just concerned with their credentials, but their character as well. Money is very personal and shouldn’t be entrusted to just anyone. Let us introduce you to two of the money managers we work with.

Dr. Kenneth Kim

One of our trusted money managers is Dr. Kenneth Kim. He has very impressive credentials, with an MBA and Ph.D. in Finance from top universities. He is considered one of the top finance scholars of the past half-century2 and has even authored two college textbooks and a new Amazon bestseller. A sought after speaker, he and his research have been cited in numerous print and online media3.

Dr. Kim’s resume is quite impressive, but I trust him because I know him personally. In fact, I was just with him at a conference recently. I trust my money in Dr. Kim’s hands and I encourage my clients to do the same because not only is he highly intelligent, but I know him to be a man of integrity.

Integrous Investing4

Speaking of integrity, that is where another of my favorite money management firms derives its name. Integrous is the adjective for integrity, which is a defining characteristic for Clint Gharib and his firm. Clint was named a Five Star Wealth Manager in 2014 and 2015 and recognized a “Best Wealth Manager” in 2009. A Certified Financial Educator (CFEd®) with over 25 years of experience, he is definitely a qualified wealth manager.

Integrous Investing offers no proprietary products, so there is no contradictory sales incentive. We know they are always working in their clients’ best interest. Also, their stated investment philosophy of “Risk management is paramount to investment successis consistent with our focus on protecting the wealth one has acquired throughout her lifetime.

I have confidence that my money is in good hands because I personally know my money managers. How about you? Do you know who is handling your money, or if it is even a human? If you would like to know more about how our trusted money managers can help protect and grow your money, give us a call at 858.756.0004 or email [email protected]. We would love to sit down with you to discuss your needs and if our investment strategy is the right fit for you.

About Deb Sims

Deborah Sims is the Principal of Estate Management Group, a wealth management and financial services firm offering comprehensive and customized strategies to help her clients manage their assets and feel confident in their future. Her mission is to serve as her clients’ most trusted wealth advisor through professional knowledge, integrity, and personalized wealth management services. Based in San Diego, California, Deb’s team has offices in Rancho Santa Fe, Old Town, and Del Mar. She invites you to contact her team today to learn more about how they can help you.






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