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Did You Know Engaging Women In Wealth Runs on Referrals?

| May 03, 2016
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Our business is different from other businesses in a few ways, but perhaps one of the main differences is how we grow and flourish. Simply put, at Engaging Women in Wealth, we run on referrals, and we are grateful for them.

Your generous referrals are especially important because of a strange rule we have in our industry. Did you know that because of the rules in our industry, sharing, posting or advertising testimonials from clients is strictly prohibited, regardless of the experience? So, because we can’t use or ask for testimonials, referrals are especially important and essential for building our business!

Luckily, we’ve been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients who do refer their friends and family to us. We believe so many people have referred others to us for a few different reasons:

1. Our Commitment to Women

As a wealth advisor who has been in the industry for decades, I have witnessed many women experience monumental financial and emotional tragedies due to unanticipated financial needs. I have also personally experienced some of the common fears women face when it comes to money. Because of my work with women, I understand how to best help them prepare for a secure financial future and overcome their fears about wealth and investing. Through workshops, events, and one-on-one planning, I challenge women to reach deep inside and pursue true financial freedom.

2. Our Independence

Engaging Women in Wealth is an independent firm with securities offered through Summit Brokerage Services, Inc. Because we are independent, we aren’t tied to any one proprietary product, nor do we have quotas to meet. Our independence allows us to be completely objective and make our clients our number one priority. Because of this, our clients trust us to offer unbiased advice in their best interest.

3. Partnering With Experts

If you aim to be successful, it’s vital to collaborate with the leading minds in your industry. The wealth management industry is no different; we achieve more by collaborating with experienced investment strategists than we could achieve on our own. As a Wealth Manager serving affluent women, I work closely with money managers at Integrous Investing to provide diversification and strength to my client’s portfolios.

4. Our Commitment to Transparency

We are committed to providing real value in what we do, with reasonable fees that are clear. We aim to make a complicated process simple and educate you to make your own financial decisions. We are available anytime for questions by email, phone, or in person.

5. We’re Never Too Busy to Help

One of the reasons we work with a select number of clients is so we can provide personalized attention and care to each of our clients, as well as their loved ones. When you have questions about your portfolio or strategies, we’re here to help. If you have a friend or family member who has questions or needs unbiased advice, we’re never too busy to help.

If you’re a client with our firm and you’ve enjoyed working with us, we hope you’ll refer a friend, colleague, or family member who may benefit from our services. Please call us at 858.756.0004 or emailing us at [email protected] You can also pass along this article to your friends and family and let them know we’re happy to speak with them if they have any questions.

About Deb Sims

Deborah Sims is the Principal of Estate Management Group, a wealth management and financial services firm offering comprehensive and customized strategies to help her clients manage their assets and feel confident in their future. Her mission is to serve as her clients’ most trusted wealth advisor through professional knowledge, integrity, and personalized wealth management services. Based in San Diego, California, Deb’s team has offices in Rancho Santa Fe, Old Town, and Del Mar. She invites you to contact her team today to learn more about how they can help you.

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